Do you find yourself…

  • Feeling hopelessly tied to other’s expectations?
  • Feeling like you can only be comfortable when alone?
  • Confusing your emotions, beliefs, or needs with those of others?
  • Doing what’s expected of you rather than living freely and openly?
  • Fearing intimacy and pushing people away?
  • Craving connection, but it always ends in pain?
  • Jumping through hoops to people-please?
  • Feeling smothered by other people, or like you smother them?
  • Having strong emotional reactions to what people say or do?

This course is for anyone who is ready to unshackle from the chains of other’s expectations and experience true autonomy for the first time. Discover who you are and what you want without the distortion of outside influences.

If you are tired of unfulfilling relationships, feeling like you can’t be yourself around others, or just generally uncertain about your true identity outside “the herd,” this course will get you started on a more solid path. 

What is enmeshment trauma?

Enmeshment is a pattern that most often occurs in people who struggle to set boundaries. You may have grown up with rigid or high expectations placed on you, or in a family with unhealthy patterns like guilting, people pleasing, lack of privacy, helicopter parenting, or reversed child/parent roles. Over time, these individuals experience a profound erosion of their identity and confusion around how to relate to others.

What are codependent relationships?

Codependent relationships are relationships in which one or more individuals feels overly responsible for others, as well as overly influenced by others' moods, words, and actions. Codependence is a slippery slope that often leads to other relationship problems like loss of self, dissatisfaction, resentment, fighting, shaming, passive aggression, cheating, and even abuse.

This deep-seated wound prevents us from directing our own lives, establishing boundaries, and engaging in fulfilling relationships. Our quality of life is continuously diminished, and we never access true self-respect. Ironically, enmeshment ruins the very relationships we are so desperate to maintain.

Why don't people heal?

Contrary to popular belief, these patterns aren't rare exceptions to the rule. In our world, they are the rule. Many, many people are raised to be enmeshed, never knowing there is any other way to live. Society normalizes codependence, and in some ways even pushes against those who are evolving out of it.

Mainstream psychology tends to gloss over the deeper truths behind this problem, and for this reason, most people don't understand and they don't get better.

This course will help you:

  • Stop defaulting to what other people want from you
  • Understand how the 4 nervous system responses to trauma tie in
  • Address things like neediness, fear of abandonment, fear of intimacy, and feeling smothered 
  • Wake up from the ways you’re enabling others or letting them enable you
  • Understand where these patterns come from so you can work with your trauma directly

You’ll learn what enmeshment is, why it happens, how to process your particular experience of it, and how to move forward with a new mindset.

This 2.5-hour course contains:

  • 9 videos that provide the foundational information on enmeshment
  • Common examples of how enmeshment patterns play out in individuals
  • 3 critical exercises for self-awareness and learning from your emotions 
  • A list of links to the best codependence healing resources online

Make no mistake, this is quite a learning curve. It is a practice and a process, but the rewards are massive - to keep your identity and your connections with others - to not have to choose between freedom and love. That is the brilliant immersion we begin in this course.

Course Preview | Why We Resist Healing

Stop living in the shadow of other people.

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Hi, I’m Brianna.

Here to offer an alternative perspective for those who crave something deeper, something truer - a pathway to reunite with one's Self and one's values.

Formally, I've studied yoga, sociology, psychology, and philosophy, but by far my most valuable knowledge comes from personal experience and independent study.

I believe everyone deserves access to Truth.

I believe in self-led education + personal responsibility.

I believe in the individual's capacity to heal their own fragmented aspects, and then the world's.

Step-by-step, with each pain pattern resolved, I am moving toward wholeness.

If you feel called to do the same,

Welcome to the Unpaved Path.

"A person should not believe in an ism; he should believe in himself." - Ferris Bueller