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It's no secret we're living in quite complex times, with many of society's factions at war with one another. Propaganda is flying at you from all sides, fake news and media manipulation is everywhere, and if you don't side with the 'right' folks, you'll be chastised by angry strangers on the internet.⠀

Meanwhile, we're still be reminded daily to consume more content, buy more products, look perfect, be perfect, feel perfect, and on and on. Economic turbulence continues, conspiracies rage on, and there appears to be no one to turn to for definite truth...⠀


This is a grand opportunity to make your escape - to extricate yourself from the confines of 'shoulds' - what you have to believe, who you have to be. ⠀

To return to that solid foundation of who you know yourself to be, to return to what feels like truth, by removing the emotional baggage and confusion that has temporarily usurped your identity. In other words, rediscovering your own voice of reason.⠀

This may sound all well and good, but how does this process work? What needs to happen in order for us to re-establish that connect, reunite with our internal compass, and actually know what to do with our lives? This is what we'll explore in this workshop.⠀

If you're looking out at the world & feeling disillusioned, this is for you.⠀

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