What Is the School of Self?

The School of Self is a unique framework for reaching your potential. This curriculum illuminates the many facets of emotional wellbeing, clarifying your unique experiences & giving you the tools you need to continuously evolve from where you are today.

What is this 'Self' we speak of?

Your Self, simply put, is you in totality. It is you in your wholeness, separate from trauma, societal conditioning, obligations, emotional issues, bad habits, etc.

In Jungian terms, we are returning to who we were at birth, while simultaneously acknowledging all the elements that came after (our egos, our shadows, our culture, etc). 

Why study yourself?

The goal is to understand and better nurture yourself, and as a byproduct, achieve self-development and a better quality of life. 

Rather than a fixed set of practices, this curriculum encompasses the overarching principles and guidelines for how to re-integrate your lost aspects and live on purpose.

We explore many topics in human psychology, all of which are directly relevant to the Self.

This isn't quite life coaching, conventional therapy, academia, or spirituality. However, we don't necessarily rule these influences out.

This is simply a self-led education platform for you to use as you see fit.

The School of Self is a bible for self-awareness, a roadmap to your real identity. These lessons are signposts leading you back to what you forgot, reminders keeping you on your own path to self-actualization. 

Now that you're thoroughly confused, here's the 4-part framework:

1. The Reckoning - Designed to rattle you awake, this section helps you face the most challenging aspects of self-development. It is past-focused to help you come to terms with what has not been integrated, make peace, and move out of reactivity. 

2. The Sifting - This section is designed to get you asking, "this or that?" As we sift, we begin to make sense of our emotions, beliefs, and experiences, understanding foundational psychology concepts in a new light.

3. The Unearthing - This section is designed to help you begin the process of excavating what is true for you, coming home to your potential. 

4. The Resurrection - This section is designed to powerfully reunite you with yourself. It is future-focused to support you in rebuilding your life from your true values and intentions.

How it Works

Each week, new materials are added to the curriculum, including videos and written exercises to help you integrate each lesson.

Access any lesson anytime, work in order or skip around, and look forward to regular content additions.

Is it Right for You?

There are 2 ways to make a purchase:

1. From a place of desperation and needing an immediate answer to your problems

2. From a place of deep knowing, a place of relief and excitement to have found a learning environment to call home

If you are feeling #1, don't sign up yet. This is not a quick fix program, but a new mode of being. Wait until you're feeling more stable, then make your decision.

If you're feeling #2, I joyfully invite you into this flexible membership to release, learn, and evolve into who you already are.

You Got This.

Onward, Friends!



The School of Self Explained

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Topics We'll Cover

The Lie of Mental Illness / Waking Up from the Illusion of Your Brokenness

All About Triggers

Managing Intense Emotions

Mastering Self-Trust

The Psychology & Physiology of Belonging

Learning to Believe Yourself - the Ungaslighting Process


Compassion & Managing Extreme Discomfort

Camus & the Absurd

Social Anxiety

If Anxiety Isn't Attacking You, What Is it Doing?

Navigating Guilt and Shame

Emotional Suppression

The Persona

Shadow Needs & Desires

Loneliness & Isolation

Finding Support without a Support System

Relationship Loops

Addictions, Habits, and Willpower

Managing Sensitivity & Empathy

Healing Depression & Grief

Exploring & Setting Your Boundaries

Individuation vs. Individuality

Cleansing Yourself of Modern Groupthink

Carl Jung Core Concepts (Symbols & Subconscious)

Beliefs & Changing What You Believe is Possible

Working with Your Go-to Nervous System Response (fight, flight, freeze, fawn)

Intuition or Trauma Response (the unacknowledged system?)

Parts Work & Resolving Resistance

Logotherapy Principles for Finding Meaning

The Ego (Isn’t Evil!) Using the Ego for Good

Self Esteem Formula

Self Confidence, Self Efficacy, & Trauma

Exploring Your Self-Concept

Finding Your Dominant Archetypes

The Golden Shadow/Disowned Traits (projection?)

Masculine & Feminine Balancing

Anima / Animus

The Medicine in the Misery: Doing Advanced Shadow Work

Discovering Your Core Values Cheatsheet

Working with Your Attachment Style

Using Behaviorism to Decondition Yourself

Processing vs Coping

Putting Personality Typing to Good Use

Self Actualization Principles

Planning Your Future: What Would It Be without Limits?

Graduating From Your Coping Mechanisms